Software Engineer

Software Engineer


Software Engineer

Perfektio is a software consultancy company founded in 2016. A constant joy of working together and creating new things is our guiding star. We base our operations on solid customer and partner relationships, customer-oriented technology decisions, innovative solutions, and startup spirit. We keep ourselves up to date with the latest technologies and approaches so that we can best answer the diverse and constantly evolving needs of our customers.

We are looking for a new colleague, who has already gained experience as a software engineer. You will be a part of our competent and clever crew. We are pleasant and empathic as well as fun and meme loving people. If this sounds good to you, read on 🤗


Your main responsibility at Perfektio will be working in customer project teams.

The core of a software engineers’ work is solving the problems presented by our customers, and customer satisfaction. We also value your professional growth, reaching learning goals together as well as helping others when they face challenging problems in their work. Others will help you when you need it, we value our colleagues above everything else.

Other important aspects are friendly and professional customer communication, great teamwork skills and participation in software engineering related processes and their improvement.

At Perfektio you will always be a part of internal development, creating better processes and other practices that improve the efficiency of our core business.

Our ways of working are flexible. You can work remotely, but we also love to work together at our office in Sörnäinen. We are dedicated to our work, and we support and value the people we work with.


Success in this role requires knowledge of modern Software Engineering best practices and the ability to to work as a technical project lead. In a project, you are able to make informed choices on architecture and required technologies in a variety of different settings. You are able to share your knowledge with your teammates at Perfektio, helping others to grow and making sure previous learnings are taken to heart.

Strong knowledge of some backend and frontend technologies is a requirement for success in your role. Our goal is to have project teams in which all developers work both on the backend and frontend. Cloud platforms and Docker are important tools in our projects, a strong candidate will have previous knowledge of these.

In our projects we use a wide variety of technologies, depending on the needs of the project. In recent projects we have used at least:

  • Frontend: React, Next, Angular, Vue

  • Backend: NodeJS, Python, Django, Ruby on Rails

  • Other tools: AWS, Azure, Docker, Docker Compose

Our developers get the freedom and responsibility to choose the best technologies for their projects, so the list of recently favored technologies is subject to change.

In addition to these skills, we value knowledge in and/or interest in learning about software testing and DevOps best practices. A university level degree or otherwise acquired deeper understanding of software engineering and at least three years of work experience relevant to this role is considered an advantage.

Don't hesitate to apply even if you feel uncertain about some of the listed skills and technologies!


We get excited about developing innovative, environmentally sustainable, and socially responsible digital services. Entrepreneurship is a way of life for people at Perfektio and many of us are involved in Perfektio’s spin off companies (, Creating new spin offs is a big part of what we do, and we develop this way of working constantly. If you have an idea about a new, groundbreaking business, we would love to discuss how to take that to the next level together 🚀

Equality and diversity are core values at Perfektio. We currently have an equal pay system, which also applies to this role. The monthly salary for full-time employee is 4232,03 €. We also have a bonus system as well as a possibility to buy shares in Perfektio when new shares are issued. You can choose the right equipment for you, many of us favor MacBooks and mechanical keyboards but anything goes.


Jerry Tamlander

Software Engineer


Send your resume and cover letter to We will interview potential candidates as they come and fill the position once a suitable candidate has been selected, so apply sooner rather than later!

During the recruitment process we will let you present your technical skills in situations matching normal work at Perfektio.

When handling personal information regarding recruitment we adhere to our privacy notice.

Jerry Tamlander

Jerry Tamlander