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We aim to be the best place to work in this galaxy

Perfektio is a young and rising software company, a modern tribe of experts and superheroes of the digital era. We strive to deliver beautiful, practical and valuable solutions into the world. Perfektio was born out of love for our profession and of mentality that going to work shouldn’t be distressing or feel like a chore. We are driven by continuous eagerness to learn new things in great and motivated company. It’s good to gather your party before venturing forth outside the comfort zone!

At Perfektio everyone gets an appropriate share of responsibility but also a great amount of freedom which includes the tools of your choice and working in an environment you like. Our teams and people are close-knit and we even spend time together not just in the office but pastime too, according to the individual interests of everyone.

Our organisational culture is dynamic, adaptive and worker-oriented, something that is truly an image of ourselves. Our size makes it possible that changes and reforms are possible to discuss equally and together with everyone in the company. Equality and open-mindedness are cornerstones that we don’t compromise. We love open innovation and are also avid participants in hackathons - with rather good results too.

Truly inspiring projects

At Perfektio you will get to work on various different projects and solve a vast amount of our customers’ challenges. We create a lot of quick pilots for our customers, typically lasting a couple of months. The aim of these pilots is to prototype some new way of working or build a totally new business model for the company. We also work on more traditional consultancy gigs, either sending our professional’s to strengthen our customers’ teams or working on the customer’s digital solutions with a full Perfektio team.

Looking for Innovative Software Developers

We are currently looking for software developers to join our team:

You understand how modern software is built, starting with databases and backend solutions, but you also have a good handle on frontend development and can justify your software architectural choices. You work and communicate well with customers, and we appreciate you having some work experience from the field. Being a quick learner is important, because in addition to changing customer needs and project requirements, modern technologies also evolve at a rapid pace.

Even if your skills don’t match this profile, send an application anyway – having a variety of skillsets is important and missing skills can always be learned!

We also hope that all applicants have a passion for developing company culture, ways of working and business. We are still a young and growing company, so your opinion can have a huge impact on what kind of company Perfektio evolves into!

Join us

If this piqued your interest and Perfektio sounds like a company you would like to work at, send us your resume and cover letter to We will answer your application within a day. If you seem like a suitable candidate, we will suggest some timeslots for an interview within a week. When dealing with personal information, we adhere to our Privacy Notice.

The first interview is about getting to know each other. We will tell you a bit more about Perfektio and we will go through your education and working history as well as talk about what your career goals are. In addition to this, we ask you to prepare to showcase some larger project of yours, be it a hobby project or a customer project. We won’t ask you to complete any coding excercises during the interview, but we will do complete a small excercise where we draw up some software architecture together, on a level suitable to your profile.

If you pass the first round, we will schedule a second interview within a week of the first one. The second interview is more on the technical side, and we dig into the technologies you feel at home with or would like to work with in the future.

We will make a decision and let you know within a week of the second interview.

Whatever happens during the application process, we will give you honest and concrete feedback. This helps you focus on the knowledge areas that we at Perfektio believe to be important for professional growth.