Our work

We really enjoy working with our clients. Below you will find some of our favorite clients and projects.

Our successful customers that we've had pleasure to work with.


Perfektio developed visualisations of waste water network, which resulted in new, efficient resource planning models. This project planted the seed for our first spinoff Neuroflux.

Suomen Partiolaiset

The expense claim system for The Guides and Scouts of Finland was in need of major software updates. In the process, Perfektio also gave the outdated service a facelift to match the organisation's brand and is responsible for upkeep of the service.


Perfektio developed a mobile application for monitoring solar plants' energy output, monetary savings and CO2 reductions.

Hukka AI

Perfektio implemented the web service for Hukka AI, aiming to minimize food waste in restaurants and cafeterias while optimizing raw material quantity and costs.

Yhdenvertaisen kulttuurin puolesta ry

Perfektio built a digital version of Kaikukortti, a service for low income citizens to experience and enjoy culture. The project improved the usability of the overall system, minimized manual reporting needs and allowed for real-time data monitoring.

Spark Sustainability

Perfektio is fighting the climate crisis together with Spark Sustainability by encouraging individuals to take climate action with the Carbon Donut app. Perfektio participates in the development following the Lean Startup -methodology.

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