Service Design

Service Design

Truly usable services

Digital services should be easy to use, and at the same time visually pleasing. Modern solutions are designed for humans: complex services made by engineers belong to the past. Whether you call our work “service design”, “experience design”, or something else, one thing is for sure: we will create a service that is delightful to use.

We concept, design, and innovate the next big service with you, or for you. We will also help you polish the user experience of your existing service. Additionally, our professionals will craft beautiful visuals for you.

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Service Design

Service design means combining the needs of the end user with your business demands. A well designed service solves problems of all the stakeholders.

Experience Design

The foundation of all the services we design is always the end user. Our goal is to create experiences which not only reach requirements, but also excite and motivate the user.

Design sprint

Failing with a product or service in the early stages of development is much less expensive than when it is launched. By using Design sprint as a base for the design, it is possible to test out products and services easily and cost-effectively. Design sprint is a fast and agile design process which results a prototype that is tested with end users. With the data got from the tests, it is easy to decide about the project's future. In Design sprint, a team of 3 to 7 people works for one week.


We build prototypes fast and agile. Prototyping allows you to test your idea easily and cost-effectively in a short span of time. Prototyping is a fast and powerful way to test what the finished product or service could look like, or does it have any business potential. With a prototype, you can sharpen your idea or product, and you will find possible problems in the early stages of development.

Usability Evaluation

With usability testing we identify problems associated with your service, and create a big picture of its user experience. Both existing services and development prototypes can be evaluated with usability testing. The evaluation is done with real users and leads to concrete improvement suggestions, which can be used to make your service stand out.

User interface design

User interface design aims to make using the service as smooth and easy as possible. It’s important to assure that the user can perform the desired actions easily and efficiently.

Graphic Design

Perfectly crafted user experience is finalized with pixel perfect graphics. In addition to creating a modern graphic design for your digital service, we can also help you with logos and printed materials.