Software Development

Software Development

High quality digital services

We build well coded, scalable, and modern digital services without cutting corners. We follow agile principles using the best technologies. For us software development is not just coding: we always design everything by taking your and the end users’ needs and wishes into account.

Our deep experience and academic education ensures that the result is polished, safe, and honestly functional. We will also take care of your service’s administration after it is published.

We also offer software development consultation to reinforce your existing development team.

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Creating a new service

We implement your service securely, with high quality, and with the best technologies. If your idea is not completely ready yet, we will help you polish it.

Modernising an existing service

You can modernize your services easily and painlessly with us. We will refactor your old legacy software bit by bit into easily maintainable micro services.

MVP, Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product contains only the core features that make it usable. With MVP, it is easy to test your idea with real end users using only minimal resources.


Our professionals are happy to help you if you have a shortage of skilled software developers. We complement your developer team, whether the need is short term or long-lasting. We can also help you to get started with your own in-house software development team.

Mobile apps, iOS & Android

Nowadays a great amount of Internet and digital service use happens with a device other than a traditional computer. By publishing your mobile app to iOS and Android, you can easily meet the needs of a modern customer regardless of their physical location.

Amazon Web Services

We prefer the use of Amazon’s cloud services in our software development projects. This enables low administration costs while keeping the latest technology in use. While the Amazon takes care of the administration related things such as updates, security, and hardware issues, we have time to focus on building your service.

Web development

We build elegant and Search Engine Optimized website for your company, which will take care of your visibility on the Internet.